Many people choose to plant trees into a plastic or ceramic

Guide to Bonsai

IntroductionWhen asked, many people have a misconception of what bonsai really is. The typical question many people ask is: “are bonsai its own species of trees?” The answer is no. To understand bonsai, we Canada Goose sale first have to understand the term and there are various terms for the craft.

Canada Goose online In Japanese “Bonsai” means a pot (bon) that holds a plant or plantings (sai).

Ultimately, bonsai is a living art form that can bring many hours, days, weeks, months, years, basically, canada goose clearance sale a lifetime of enjoyment. All that can be achieved by having just a little gardening knowledge, just a hint of creativity, and most importantly, an canada goose black friday sale endless amount of patience. With the fundamental prerequisite, canada goose factory sale anyone can enjoyably practice bonsai.

canadian goose jacket Soil CompositionTo start literally from the bottom up, cheap Canada Goose we have to start with soil.

canada goose store Soil is one of the most important aspects of bonsai. A bonsai tree is bound to a pot and the soil placed into the pot is the only medium to its existence. To say the least, buy canada goose jacket cheap many would agree that bad soil is the undoing of many bonsai trees. But what is bad soil? Bad soil is soil that does not drain well and that often leads to retaining too much water and that is the true “root” of all problems. cheap canada goose uk Allowing water to stay in the soil for an extended amount of Canada Goose online time buy canada goose jacket can cause root to rot. A good example uk canada goose would be to imagine soldiers fighting in WWII who were hiding in trenches. After a good amount of canada goose uk shop time without proper aeration and constant moisture, the soldier’s feet canadian goose jacket were vulnerable to various diseases. It’s the same principle.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Good soil allows water to drain very quickly; however, is still able to retain water. A good gritty and loose soil will also allow for roots to form more densely. Sharp particles like lava rocks, a soil additive, can help split roots; therefore, causing the root system to get even denser. To help with drainage, many hobbyists add several other soil additives to help water drain away quicker.

buy canada goose jacket Soil additives can be divided into organic and inorganic mediums. The Canada Goose Parka difference is that some inorganic matter (rocks) is simply there to allow aeration. Organic matter like tree bark and clay (clay almost always contain organic matter) Canada Goose Online is added to help retain water.

Inorganic canada goose coats on sale Example Soil Components:

cheap Canada Goose Akadama (Naturally formed clay like mineral that is mined and typically dried and does not require to be fired and then packaged and sold)

High canada goose uk Fired Clay (Oil Dri granules found at Auto Part Stores, Turface)

canada goose coats on sale Bonsai Pot SelectionMajority of the time, a bonsai pot is not needed until it is ready to be displayed as a bonsai. So it is technically not a bonsai until it is in a bonsai pot. Many people choose to plant trees into a plastic or ceramic big pot to grow the tree to achieve denser growth, thicker trunks, develop roots, or just overall build up the health of the tree. But when you are satisfied with the overall look of the tree; then is it ready for the bonsai pot.

canada goose When a tree is ready for uk canada goose outlet its pot, it will be repotted and it’s best to understand the reasons as to why we repot bonsai trees.

Canada Goose Outlet Choosing a pot for your bonsai is not exactly an easy task. But Canada Goose Outlet a pot is a pot is a pot right? Not exactly. In bonsai, a pot will finalize the tree creating harmony between the tree and the pot. Bonsai pots are used purely for aesthetic reasons; therefore, it is important to understand the rules of pot selection.

canada goose clearance A general rule typically requires that the depth of the pot is equal to the diameter of the trunk after it’s planted into the soil, so the surface of the soil.

Canada Goose Jackets As trees canada goose uk black friday can be categorized into having gender features; pots can also Canada Goose Coats On Sale be categorized into these two categories. Because pot shape and depth determines the gender of the pot, it is important to know how to pair it up with your bonsai.

canada goose black friday sale These pots are typically associated with masculine trees (featuring all the traits listed in the table). The one tree that fits the rectangular pot are conifers, almost exclusively, as they typically have a more robust trunk and mature looking bark.

canada goose deals These pots are associated with more delicate and more feminine trees. This pot shape can suit both conifers and deciduous trees.

Canada Goose Parka This pot shape can be associated with delicate bonsai canada goose uk outlet as well. Typically used in group or to display a scene, due to canada goose clearance the elongated pot to offer more depth.

Bonsai pots come in an array of colors and textures. Combinations of colors and textures are used to; yet again, compliment the tree. Though, not as important as the shape of the pot, colors are a final touch to adding that final harmony to a tree.

As many pots come glazed or not, it is good to canada goose coats know how the glazing of the pot can further help define the prospective tree.

canada goose coats Typically used for flowering trees to further accentuate the special feature of that tree.

Can be used to suit any tree that is of the feminine quality.

Typically used for conifers. Masculine quality.

Tree SelectionSelecting a tree is by far the most enlightening experience for any bonsai hobbyist. No matter where a potential bonsai canada goose store “Poten sai” is acquired, the hobbyist can spend hours Canada Goose Jackets analyzing and designing the tree in their head, even before it’s canada goose purchased or dug up.

Canada Goose sale Even before selecting a tree, the hobbyist needs to be aware of their geographical location. Knowing this will help them better gauge what to acquire. By understanding their geographical location their tree selection can then be narrowed down to two categories: tropical or temperate. Does it belong to the tropical category, where these trees need protecting from the winter based on if your surroundings dip below 60 F? Or is it a temperate tree who need that winter to go into a dormant sleep until spring? Knowing if your tree is a tropical or temperate tree, can help you acquire trees accordingly so that you won’t have to provide extensive protection for a horde of tropical trees for the coming frost.

Do a bit of research on the species of tree, as this can help the hobbyist in taking care of the tree. Knowledge on the species can help with understanding: moisture requirements, pest and diseases, light intake, and growth speed.

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